Casa Cristiana Leandra

The Children

A student's home in Barrio 41

The children served by Casa Leandra come from neighborhoods that are incredibly poor. The students served by Casa Leandra come from the neighborhoods known as Calle 41 and the back part of Barrio Puerto Rico. Many of the children are orphans, cared for by older siblings or whomever will take them in.

Currently, 20 students are being served by our program. Because the number of potential students to be served is so much greater than our capacity to help, which children we assist is decided through an interview process.

Criteria for Evaluating Students

The children who request assistance from Casa Leandra are chosen by these factors:

 the child is age 6 or 7
 the child lives in extreme need
 preference is given to orphans
 the child is not already being helped by another organization
 the child undergoes a medical evaluation coordinated by Casa Leandra
 there is space available in our program
 if there is not space available when help is sought, qualified candidates are placed on a waiting list

Students of the Program

Esmerlyn, with her grandmother and mom

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